Role of Place & Race


– nonprofits perceived as predators in neighborhoods of color
– nonprofits in search of
     – cheap land
     – compelling projects to entice funders
– question — how do we turn this into a positive???
     – what’s long term benefit to the community???
     – how is community control over decision making preserved???

2 thoughts on “Role of Place & Race

  1. gregorylaird Post author

    STEVE: dovetails with Food Justice emphasis in book — could be good focus for article.

    GREG: get permission to reference NS interviews

  2. Nate

    In cities like Chicago at the receiving end of the Great Migration, there is also the tension about having white overseers of black agricultural labor. I have heard black people also describe this as a generational thing w/in black community, where people who have ties or who had parents with ties to agricultural south see value of growing food and can distinguish that from slavery, whereas black youth on summer programs will sooner or later inevitably say that they are doing slave work.

    This is just to say that the white nonprofit owner running project that depends on black agricultural labor will almost inevitably have resonances of plantation history.

    Some of the skepticism I’ve heard about the “nonprofit industrial complex” is also independent of race, in that some people have come to feel that they are more free if they survive based on getting people to pay for things in the market, than if they are dependent on convincing goverment or foundation funders that they are producing valuable things that the market won’t provide. Sometimes I’m skeptical about knee-jerk skepticism about the ngo-industrial complex… but it’s harder for me to be skeptical when the skepticism is overlaid with the race/place issue.

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