Incubator Farms


  • what about incubator where people never graduate!! — Intervale — BRILLIANT
    • challenge – internal language is different than external language – uniform message for all audiences
  • tenure is performance-based, and also based on competing demand for land
  • committing to an expansionist strategy
    • incubator – econ development — preserves 501c3 exemption for land
    • vs. straight up commercial farming – then need easement or zoning to reduce tax bill
      • easement held by 3rd party (not land owner)

One thought on “Incubator Farms

  1. Nate

    I totally agree about the internal/external tension in the strategy to have permanent incubators. The related difficulty it raises is that if you say success means that people graduate, and then people don’t graduate, then you will be seen as having failed — and potentially the model as well. If the model is premised on expanding to new permanent-incubator sites when people don’t graduate, then the people who are giving you access to those sites may not be that excited to do so. They may rather give your graduates land, so that they can say they are creating small businesses, and you can say that you are graduating people. The Englewood project has a flavor of that, though only some fraction of the potential farmers are from incubator programs. And it’s possible that part of what will be created will involve some way of getting c3 status for the land. So you would have incubators graduate people from c3 incubator land to c3 (or some other favorable mode) cooperative/conservation/”productive landscape” land.

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